Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your "first" is always your best...and it was!

Well, they say your first is always your best...and this is the FIRST TOMATO off of our bush and I am having it for lunch today.  I'm having a CLT (cheese, lettuce and tomato) sandwich.  Did I tell you yet just how red my first tomato is?  Let me just show you instead.  I'm using toasted Health Nut bread, white cheddar cheese, MY FIRST TOMATO and lettuce with a little swipe of Miracle Whip.  It is delicious!  Check it out below -- there really isn't anything like your own tomato that was ripened on the vine and picked by you!  Enjoy...we are now half way through hump day!  ;-)

As delicious as it was red and juicy!

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