Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday night's pizza...Abbondanza!

Well...Friday night is FINALLY here and hubby doesn't get back from his conference until around 10:00 p.m. I decided to make something special for dinner...JUST FOR ME!  Last night I picked up some fresh pizza dough at Publix as well as....<drum roll>....MUSHROOMS!  Oh yeah!  If you read this blog much, you already know that my husband is mentally allergic to them!  :-)  So, needless to say I don't add them to anything that WE eat, thus I don't get the opportunity to enjoy them very much...but tonight...ALL THAT CHANGES!!!

I made MY pizza with the following toppings: fresh mushrooms (cooked), red bell pepper, Vidalia onion, thinly sliced Aidells smoked Italian chicken sausage, and the most amazing pizza topping there is...MUSHROOOOOOOOOOMS!  I tried something a little different this time after I rolled out the dough.  I spread a VERY thin smear of pesto on it (I don't mind pesto if it gets cooked), then added the sauce, mozzarella and all the other toppings.  I popped it into the oven for about 25 minutes....and TADA..."dinner for me".  Of course, I snapped some pics below for you to check out.  This was SO SO SO SO SO much better than Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Johnny's, etc. (notice I did not include Mellow Mushroom...I love their pizza because it is unique and really good and mine will never be as good as theirs).  Take a peek of my awesome pizza below.  Enjoy!

Before going into the oven...check out those mushrooms!
A close-up shot before hitting the oven...I sure hope this shot doesn't create any "mushroom envy" out there  ;-)
Fresh out of the oven
Take a peek up close and personal
Doesn't it look tasty?
Dinner time!
Dining while blogging...ahhh, a relaxing Friday night.
I even had a "beer" with my pizza...Zevia sodas are natural and use Stevia (a natural sweetener)

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