Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day's Paninis

Happy Memorial Day!  It's Monday and last night we had our cookout and my son and his girlfriend spent the night, which was great.  We got to have breakfast with them this morning which is a rare treat.  I fixed us scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, biscuits, etc.  They left around noon and I got to send home lots of leftovers with them from last night's cookout.

This afternoon, I decided to give my new panini pan another workout.  My first paninis last week turned out good but were a bit messy because I overstuffed them.  Today's paninis turned out awesome.  To start out with, I bought a loaf of "unsliced" Ciabatta bread so I could cut it to the thickness I wanted.  I also was careful not to overstuff them.  I snapped a picture of hubby's panini -- he had a corned beef and swiss panini with a smear of honey mustard.  I served it with leftover tri-color coleslaw and red potato salad from last night's cookout.  Check out the pic below!

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