Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Night "Dinner and a Movie"

Well today is Friday and it was another top 10 day here -- warm, not hot and very low humidity.  I wish it could be like this year round.  This evening I decided to make pizza for dinner using Publix fresh pizza dough.  I made our usual pizza -- hubby's half was pepperoni, artichokes and Kalamata olives and mine was red bell peppers and Vidalia onions.  What I did differently this time was I used fresh mozzarella cheese instead of the shredded variety.  Wow, what a difference!  Hubby said it was the best pizza I've ever made...and I tend to agree.  Fresh mozzarella isn't as salty and is much milder than regular mozzarella.  It also melts and stretches differently.  If you've never tried using fresh mozzarella on your pizza before, you should.  We also picked up 2 movies from Redbox, The Vow and We Bought a Zoo...the total cost for our dinner and 2 movies was about $10.00...not too bad, huh (and we each have enough left for lunch tomorrow too)!  Our pizza this evening was most definitely "high end pizzeria quality".  I snapped a few pics to share below.  Enjoy!

Before getting popped into the oven
Here is a close-up peek
Voila...fresh out of the oven!
Our entertainment for the evening!
These are the beautiful flowers I was surprised with at work today from my youngest son for Mother's Day!  I wanted to snap a picture so I could keep them fresh "forever".  Notice that even the vase has a beautiful pale lavender color.  The flowers are so pretty and perfect that they look artificial.  I absolutely love them!  Thanks little monkey!

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