Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday's Lunch Alfresco..."Garden Linguine" & "Berry-licious Sundaes"

It is so gorgeous here is sunny, breezy and 77 degrees at 1:30.  I decided that today we needed to use up some of our leftovers from the week before I make another new meal this evening.  So, for breakfast this morning, we each had a piece of leftover pizza (cold) from last night's dinner with a cup of hot coffee...I know, it's kind of weird but it was good!

For lunch I decided to "dress up" Thursday night's leftover whole wheat linguine (w/ Vodka Sauce, Smoked Italian Chicken Sausage, Red Peppers & Zucchini).  I had 8 or 9 Campari tomatoes left on the counter that were almost I seeded them, chopped them into large chunks and tossed them into the pan with the linguine noodles that were heating on the stove and cooked them for a few minutes until heated through.  I then poured in the leftover vodka sauce with veggies and chopped some fresh basil from our garden and some fresh Italian parsley and tossed it all together in the pan to heat with the linguine and tomatoes and then served it with some shredded Parmesan cheese...and Voila, we were eating "Garden Linguine".  It was so could really smell the fresh basil.  Because I added so many fresh tomatoes and herbs, it tasted like an entirely different meal than we had Thursday night...and I was able to squeeze more fresh veggies into a meal that already had plenty.  I love breathing new life into leftovers and making them seem like brand new.  It was a perfect summer lunch on this perfect "almost-summer" day. 

For a light dessert I made the most simple and easy "Berry-licious Sundaes" using a scoop of Kemp's low-fat frozen vanilla yogurt and some fresh blueberries and raspberries tumbled on top.  It is a delicious way to eat summer berries...especially as the frozen yogurt tastes like you are eating berries and cream.  It's delicious, simple and beautiful!  I love using fresh produce.  Check out the pics below.  Enjoy!



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