Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday is Pizza Night...& Fresh Raspberry Sundaes for Dessert

For dinner this evening, I made a pizza with Publix fresh pizza dough.  Hubby had pepperoni, Kalamata olives and artichoke hearts on his half and I had red peppers, Vidalia onions and turkey pepperoni on my half.  Both of us were in the mood for pizza tonight so it was a quick and easy meal to put together and the best part is that we get to have it for lunch tomorrow too!  For dessert, I decided to use the gorgeous raspberries I picked up this weekend to make Fresh Raspberry Sundaes.  Since the fruit was so absolutely perfect, I decided to tumble the fresh raspberries on top of a scoop of Kemp's lowfat vanilla frozen yogurt...nothing else required!  Check out the pictures below!  Enjoy!

<-----HERS  &  HIS----->
For a little perspective, I scooped up one of the raspberries in a teaspoon so you could see just how large these raspberries are -- I've never seen any this large before.
They aren't just beautiful, they are really sweet and delicious too.
This is my kind of "Sunday Summer Sundae"!

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