Monday, June 4, 2012

Herbalicious Monday...

It's down and four to go!  For dinner this evening, I made Perdue chicken cutlets that I breaded in whole wheat Italian seasoned bread crumbs that I added some Parmesan cheese and fresh chopped rosemary to.  I first dipped the cutlets in some eggbeaters that I seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and then dredged them in the bread crumb mixture.  I sauteed them in a hot pan with some olive oil -- they cook quickly since they are so thin, probably only about 4 minutes per side.  I served the cutlets with Near East Rosemary & Olive Oil Quinoa Blend (quinoa and brown rice) and fresh zucchini that I sliced and sauteed in a little olive oil with fresh dill and a diced fresh tomato from our backyard tossed in.  I also made some herb-cheese bread with a ball of Publix pizza dough.  I rolled the dough with some sharp cheddar, jalapeno white cheddar, swiss, mozzarella and fresh chopped chives and fresh chopped dill.  Now you know why I titled this post "Herbalicious Monday" because every component of our meal was laden with herbs...most of them fresh.  It was not only herbalicious but it was delicious too!  I snapped a picture to share below.  Enjoy!


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