Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!  Sadly, my father is no longer with me, but his memory continues to live within mine and I take it everywhere I go.  And thankfully...I am a "chip off the old block".  It's funny; all my life I was told I looked just like my father...and as a young girl, I always felt a little bit insulted because I thought maybe they were insinuating that I looked like a man.  I know better now; much better...I actually find it comforting when I look in the mirror.  You see, I don't just have his hair color and his features and many of his personality traits...but I have his eyes and there are times that I feel like I am looking into his instead of mine.  I miss him every single day.  I was and always will be his "Turkish Delight" (which is a type of candy, in case you didn't know).  Happy Father's Day Dad!

This morning, it is gorgeous, pleasant and breezy and a top 10 kind of day here.  For breakfast, I made myself an egg and white cheddar sandwich on nutty-grainy toast (Arnold's Health Nut Bread, one of my favorites for toast) and a cup of Donut Shop coffee and ate it outside on the patio in the secret myself.  It was a peaceful and calming way to start the day.  I snapped a couple of pics below.  Enjoy!

My view for breakfast

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