Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lazy Saturday...

Today we had the best intentions do get a lot done and run all of our errands...and the truth is, we did not accomplish much of anything other than to loaf around and take it easy!  It was sunny here most of the day and then around 6:00 the sky got dark and we got a good 20-30 minute downpour of rain which is perfect for the yard.  The sun actually came back out while it was still raining!  Since we didn't run our errands as originally planned today, I'm making a simple dinner of baked breaded chicken tenders, roasted "Celebration" potatoes (a combination of small honey gold, enchanted rose and purple splendor potatoes).  I have wanted to try them for a long time because I see them every week at Costco...but of course they are in a bigger bag there and I wanted to try a smaller quantity first -- so, when I found them in a small bag at Publix last week, I picked some up.  I quartered them so they would roast more quickly, and tossed them with a couple tablespoons of olive oil and sprinkled them with sea salt and black pepper.  I have had the honey gold potatoes before -- they are yellow fleshed potatoes.  The enchanted rose potatoes are simply a variety of baby red potatoes, which I've also had.  The purple splendor potatoes are really unusual looking... not only is their skin purple-blue, the flesh is a deep indigo blue/purple and the flavor is described as being slightly sweet and nutty.  Since I have never tasted them before, I purposely did not add any herbs to the potatoes because I wanted to taste the flavor of the potatoes (especially the purple splendors).  I decided to serve the chicken tenders with the roasted potato medley and some steamed fresh broccoli.  We were so lazy today that neither hubby or I even had lunch.  We watched cooking shows and surfed the web and just relaxed all day.  That means that tomorrow we are going to have to pay the price!  It's all good though -- we don't do this very often.  I may even make a quick jaunt to the grocery store here in a little while and get a head start.  I snapped a couple pics below of our "groovy dinner".  Enjoy!

Before going into the oven -- aren't they pretty!

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