Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday's "Trying to Keep Cool" Meal...

Saturday we hit 104 degrees where I live (it actually hit 106 in Atlanta which broke all kinds of records).  Obviously with heat like that we didn't want to heat up the house cooking.  It was also way too hot to stand outside and grill.  Late in the afternoon hubby and I decided to make a quick trip to the store to pick up a few items.  I purchased a couple of rotisserie chickens and a large package of romaine hearts for salad so we could put together a quick dinner requiring minimal "cooking".  Youngest son came over for dinner last night.  We had rotisserie chicken, heirloom tomato filled ravioli with Gia Russo's Cherry Tomato Sauce and a beautiful green salad with Cherub cherry tomatoes.  It was a quick dinner to put together and since the ravioli only takes about 4 minutes to cook, it didn't heat the kitchen up much at all.  I snapped a quick pic below.  Enjoy!


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