Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Night "Whole Wheat" Pizza...

This evening I made a pizza using Publix "whole wheat" fresh pizza dough.  I think I have only found the whole wheat version once before.  This one was full of grains and quite different feeling than their regular pizza dough...more rustic.  I topped it with our usual toppings (his half Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and pepperoni and my half Vidalia onions, red bell pepper and fresh sliced tomatoes from my back yard that I refer to as my "fat free" pepperoni).  The most exciting news though, is that we picked our very first cherry tomatoes from the garden!  We picked some smaller ping pong and golf ball sized ones over the weekend....but these little cherry tomatoes are SO cute.  I just had to snap a few photos of them too.  Aren't they precious?  Check them out below.  Enjoy!

***Bet you've never seen fat free pepperoni before, have you???  Notice my half (on the right side) has the fat free pepperoni on it!  ;-)

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